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Litigation is part of the reality of modern society. Even the most cautious persons can find themselves embroiled in a dispute when they least expect it. Whether you are pursuing a claim or find yourself defending one, it is important that this be handled correctly. Our team is highly experienced in the conduct of litigation. We can help you with:    

  • Family Law litigation

  • Contested Wills litigation

  • Family provision claims

  • Property proceedings

  • Commercial litigation

  • Company disputes and applications

  • Debt recovery litigation

  • Motor vehicle property damage claims

  • Insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings


If your matter is in the early stages, it may be possible to resolve the dispute amicably without going to Court. If your matter is already in court, it may be possible to reach a settlement thereby saving you the ongoing expenses, stress and uncertainty of litigation. Our team has vast experience in conducting negotiations.


To keep your costs as low as possible, we will explore with you options such as conducting round-table settlement discussions with the other party and their lawyers or arranging mediation. Litigation can be stressful and expensive, and the outcome of litigation can never be guaranteed. So we do our best to resolve your matter while at the same time pursuing the best possible outcome for you.


You may rest assured, however, that regardless of whether your matter settles or goes to court, we will pursue your rights and entitlements with vigour and tenacity.

Don't forget we are conveniently located in several office locations including Bankstown, Eastern Suburbs (Double Bay) and Sydney CBD. Contact us for an obligation free consultation. 

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Family law matters are by their nature an unpleasant experience. I needed someone who would cut straight to the point and who wasn't going to mess me around chasing billable hours. I found that Eugene Gramelis possesses the four important qualities of a good lawyer and which cients expect: he is personable, professional, pragmatic and precise. I feel that I have benefited immensely from Eugene's considerable prior experience as a barrister. I found that he understands where the case is likely to head and quickly conveys this to the client. I cannot thank Eugene enough for taking my case and speedily and methodically presenting an overwhelmingly compelling case to the other side. A highly recommended firm indeed.  

Mark, Lane Cove, NSW - Architect 

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